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LabVIEW + Java

AppletVIEW got its start in 1997 as the first World Wide Web toolkit for LabVIEW. Since then it has grown in capabilities along with LabVIEW, and today is used in corporations, universities and research organizations around the world. Award winning and business critical applications are built with AppletVIEW.

AppletVIEW enables LabVIEW users to:

  • use Java applets in standard web browsers (no plug-ins, modifications, or LabVIEW run-time necessary) to control and monitor remote LabVIEW applications
  • allow as many users as your operating system can support to be connected at the same time, with no additional licenses.
  • integrate virtual instrumentation systems with normal web servers and web browsers, allowing construction of powerful web sites for virtual instrumentation systems
  • use XML as a data repository and description of virtual instrumentation systems
  • use nearly any Java Bean as a control or indicator to a remote LabVIEW application
  • integrate Java with LabVIEW

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